Top Upright Models 2017/18

riccar-logo-a2017/2018 Vacuum cleaners have not  changed a lot despite the new best buy rating’s that seem to rate vacuums every six months. The model number’s change on occasion however the design seldom does. You may also find very similar vacuums with slightly different model numbers at different retailers. Frankly there isn’t a best vacuum cleaner for everyone. Instead several different vacuum cleaners units that fit different styles and needs.

The 2017-18 best UPRIGHT vacuum cleaner for a homeowner with all hardwood floors would in fact be different than the best vacuum model for a homeowner who has carpet and non carpeted surfaces in their home.

The person who rents may find the best bang for the dollar from a lower priced vacuum.  A home owner facing the cost of floor/carpet replacement/refinish or family’s with allergy’s may find a better bargain in a high performance maximum air flow hi filtration deep cleaner.

We are the warranty center for most major brands of vacuum cleaners and with over 40 years in the industry. I have personally repaired models from every major brand vacuum cleaner made during that period of time as well as many made before it. I point this out to provide a little background on what quality’s me as a expert on the subject.

The best 2017/2018 deep cleaning upright vacuum cleaners for carpet with tools on board  are the twin motor Miele S7 series, Riccar Tandem Air,Brilliance Deluxe PURCHASE NOW and the Dyson Cinetic PURCHASE NOW models. The Miele(*German) S7 upright  PURCHASE NOW  units feature the largest main suction motor unit and they feature a variable speed adjustment which will deliver the best performance on non carpeted floors and above floor attachment use along with the most dust free operation of the big three.

The Riccar 2017 Upright tandem motor vacuums will provide the best deep cleaning on thick carpets (purchase only in store) along with a close second on the dust free operation as both brands use HEPA bags and advanced post filtering.  The Riccar Pet model (only in store) also has a granulated charcoal filter system to handle Pet odors. The Riccar(*American made) also offers metal brush rollers, handle release as well as cord hangers all of which are much more durable over the plastic found on the rest of our group.

The Dyson is a bagless upright that will out perform other bagless vacuum cleaners and are a favorite of pet owners due to the quick empty dust bin.  The see through feature that allows you at a quick glance to see if it is time to empty. The other two have bag sensors that alert you to replace the bags. Keep in mind that the dirt bins will frost over making it a bit more difficult to see through. You should also understand that you may need to go out side to dump the dirt bins on the Dyson due to the dust cloud.

The  Dyson Cinetic is the first dirt cup model vacuum on the market that is in fact filter free, which means you will not have to wash the filter every few weeks. You may still need to have the unit serviced if it in fact works like past Cyclonic models which do capture dust and skin oils creating a need to have the cyclone units to be disassembled and cleaned. The Cinetic features a 35 cyclone system that vibrates the cyclones knocking the oil/fine dust dirt free in theory thus no filters and a reduction in the servicing of the product saving time and money while maintaining a high level performance. Other dirt cup/ bin vacuums like the Shark fail to do this. The Dyson Mutifloor ball twin motor offers very good cleaning with the base filter system in place.

All should have the motors serviced and the Miele, Riccar vacuums post filters will also need replacement (the price you pay to trap ultra fine dust instead of breathing it). You should have the roller brush units with the bearing replaced with in a 3- 5 years based on normal use if in fact the consumer wants the vacuum to maintain its performance like new on carpeted services.(Brush stiffness ,length and bearing wear effect deep cleaning.)

The Cinetic PURCHASE NOW unit from Dyson has a very good repair history.  Riccar and Miele have been in the market place with both of their designs for several years and are very reliable. The Riccar  features a direct air motor that moves the air and dirt a few inches from the carpet into the motor then to the bag which will allow it to deep clean on carpets but will force you to avoid hard objects that could damage the motor fan. The Miele and Dyson design must move the air several feet to the main motor units so they won’t deep clean on carpet as well but hard object will not damage the motors. You should however watch for clogging which happens with stiff objects which can lodge in the units.

All three allow you to turn the brush roller off when your cleaning non carpeted surfaces which is a must have feature when cleaning hard wood surfaces and some tiles. The Miele S7 units have the best roller brush system for area rugs with looped design like some Orientals and Persians rugs. They all feature non marking wheels for hard wood floors as well. The warranty’s are quite good as well with the Miele and Riccar featuring a 7 year warranty and the Dyson 5 years.

The warranty length is a strong indicator of the products life expectancy with units lasting in most cases 2 to 3 times the warranty period. I often meet consumers who purchase vacuum cleaners every 1 to 3 years spending 75.00 to 200.00 which clearly falls short on a cost per year average before you ever factor performance and carpet/flooring life as well as personal heath concerns.

The Miele has the best tool design with the hose locking into place at the base of the vacuum keeping the unit upright when you pull on the hose, it also has the most powerful suction motor and features adjustable speeds to allow you to adjust the suction to what is best suited for window shades to sheer curtains as well as furniture for the tools settings as well as the floor, carpet,and area rug’s .

The Dyson has a flexible hose with a long reach but it is a bit awkward to use due to the wand extension not being adjustable. On board tools include dusting brush and combo crevice tool . The Riccar tool set is located on the side and offers a adjustable wand and a flex hose with on board tool set including upholstery/dusting tools and separate crevice tool . All three manufacture’s offer Pet friendly models with special stair and upholstery Air turbo hand tools for hard to remove pet hair on furniture and stairs.

If the big three are a little rich for your taste the Single motor Lindhuas Activa a European machine that offers great deep cleaning on carpets and will dry shampoo your carpet saving money and storage space. The tool set works well and the wands are telescopic allowing flexibility to clean stairs ,ceiling fans or furniture along with a duster/upholstery combo tool. The profile is lower so it will go under beds and furniture better than most upright vacuums. The bypass motor is extremely quiet and the motor itself is one of the longest lasting industrial motors made. (3 year warranty)

The Riccar single motor Vibrance Deluxe PURCHASE NOW features metal brush roller , handle and is made in America. The vacuum is a single motor unit that features on board tools non marking wheels and a clutch design to turn the brushroll off for non carpeted areas. The HEPA BAG works very well trapping microscopic dust particles in conjunction with the hard body design. The tool set features a flexible hose with telescopic wands along with a crevice and upholstery/duster attachments. The metal components are much more durable and the brushroll unit will agitate the carpet more aggressively providing a deeper cleaning. (4yr warranty) One of the longest lasting high performers at a lower price point. This unit is used in a lot of hotel settings with great longevity.