Miele Complete C1 Cat & Dog Classic Vacuum Cleaner

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Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 canister vacuum



Miele Complete C1 Cat & Dog Classic Vacuum Cleaner

  • The Miele S8 Series 
  • Complete C3 Cat&Dog PowerLine - SGEE0 - canister vacuum cleaners With turbobrush and odor filter; ideal for pet lovers.--Lotus white
    • With turbobrush and odor filter; ideal for pet lovers.--Lotus white
    • Pets add so much joy to our lives—we couldn’t do without them. But they also can bring, and scatter, fur in our homes. The Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine Vacuum not only takes care of fur on floors and furniture, but actually leaves the air inside cleaner than it was before vacuuming.

      Miele’s AirClean Multi-stage Sealed Filter system ensures fur, dust and debris stays trapped inside the vacuum instead of being released back into the air.

      Fur ControlMiele Mini Turbo Brush Graphic

      The Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum includes the Flexible Handheld Mini Turbo Brush to help you keep those sparkling threads of love–known as pet hair–under control. Featuring a swivel joint, brushroll, and  dual thread lifters, this handy-dandy tool picks up fur from upholstery, bedding, and can easily be used to tidy up your vehicle after those wonderful joy-rides with your pet.

      HEPA Filtration

      Most vacuums that include exhaust filters can’t touch Miele’s AirClean filters, and the Classic C1 Cat & Dog goes beyond even Miele’s standard filtration by including the HEPA AirClean filter which captures the smallest particles.Miele Filter Dust Bag and HEPA Exhaust Filter

      The AirClean Filter System consists of the following components.

      • AirClean 3D Efficiency Dustbag features the key-lock principle at the insertion point even fine dust flows into the bag and automatically closes when the vacuum is opened preventing dust from escaping during replacement. The bags themselves are composed of 9 filter layers to securely contain dust, fur, and dirt.
      • HEPA AirClean Exhaust Filter filters particles down to 0.3 microns so you ca be sure that 99.97% of all dust, fur and dirt stays inside the vacuum, not blown back into your home. It includes an easy to read timestrip entirely removing the guesswork for filter changes.
      • Premotor Filter prevents dust from getting into the motor, preserving the life of your vacuum.

      Powerful & Safe

      At the heart of the Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum is a 1,200-watt Powerline Motor with easy-start feature for gradual ramp-up. An added protection is the temperature limiter which protects your vacuum from overheating. If your companion’s favorite soft toy is an innocent victim of this powerful suction, the motor will automatically shut off so you, and the vacuum stays safe.

      Miele SEB 228 & SBB Parquet-3 Floor Tools & HandleSpecialized Floor Tools for Superior Performance

      Combined with sealed housing and perfect air flow this classic vacuum provides terrific cleaning ability, perfect for pet owners. Specially designed for efficiency, Miele’s floor heads deliver excellent cleaning results even at the lowest setting. The reduced-noise motor and integrated sound insulation make it much quieter than many canisters, but without reduction in cleaning performance.

      Convenient & Comfortable

      Miele’s anti-static comfort handle is ergonomically designed and features a flexible hose connector with lever action that allows you to maneuver the floor head easily, taking pressure off your wrist. Touch controls for brush roll on/off right on the handle make moving over different floor types a breeze.

      Give Yourself a Break

      Need to pause for quality pet-time? This model also features a parking system which conveniently holds the wand upright and stable when you or your pet needs a brief cleaning break. On-board tool storage plus 6 suction levels mean you can breeze through your home cleaning everything from curtains to upholstery to carpet without having to stop and search for the right attachment. One simple click locks each tool securely onto the handle or wand and detaches at the touch of a button. The wand extends with identical ease for a sure reach into every corner.

      Included Tools

      • Electro Telescopic Suction Wand uses a unique locking system so adding tools or extending/shortening the wand is quick and easy.
      • Electro Plus ElectroBrush boasts a motor driven 14-inch wide brushroll for intensive cleaning of all carpeting piles plus 5-level height adjustment.
      • Parquet Brush features a wide suction inlet and natural bristles for efficient and effortless cleaning of hard floors.
      • Flexible Mini Turbobrush reaches virtually anywhere with a streamlined turbine for powerful suction so no fluff  is safe. The swivel joint and reinforced edge make this a beast on stubborn fur and dirt.
      • Three-piece Accessory Set rides on the attached Vario clip right on the vacuum for easy access.
        • Dusting Brush
        • Upholstery Brush
        • Crevice Tool


      The Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine Canister Vacuum features a 1200 watt motor plus a wide selection of tools, including the flexible mini turbobrush, plus Miele’s sealed system with HEPA filter for a fur-free, intense whole-house clean..

      What Customers Love

      • Sealed system with HEPA filtration means all fur, dust, and dirt are inescapably trapped inside.
      • Multiple tools for a whole-house clean with a comfortable, ergonomic handle.

    Product details – Complete C3 Cat&Dog PowerLine – SGEE0

    Construction type 
    Canister vacuum cleaners with FilterBag™
    Product line
    Complete C3
    Motor type
    Product type
    Control panel 
    Electronic suction power setting
    Footswitches +/-
    Illuminated power indicator
    Electrobrush socket
    Ergonomic carrying handle
    Ergonomic handle
    Comfort handle
    Silence System
    Telescopic suction wand
    Electro telescopic tube
    Park system for vacuuming breaks
    Park system for storage
    Both sides
    One-touch automatic cord rewind
    Efficiency and sustainability 
    Nominal power consumption in W
    Caster wheels gentle on floors
    Three-point maneuverability
    Filter system 
    Type of FilterBag™
    AirClean 3D Efficiency GN
    FilterBag™ volume in l
    FilterBag™ change indicator
    Exhaust filter
    Active AirClean filter
    Motor protection filter
    Locking system for floorhead and handle
    Automatic FilterBag™ positioning
    All-round bumper strip
    Performance data 
    Max. power in W
    Standard accessories 
    Three-piece accessory set
    Upholstery tool
    Crevice tool
    Dusting brush with natural bristles
    Parquet Twister Floorhead SBB 300-3
    Handheld Mini Turbo Brush STB 101
    Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228
    Active AirClean filter

    Complete C3 Cat&Dog PowerLine – SGEE0

    canister vacuum cleaners

    With turbobrush and odor filter; ideal for pet lovers.

    • High suction power – 1,200 W
    • Universally applicable – floorhead with metal soleplate
    • Reliably removes hair and lint with its turbo brush.
    • Odors are neutralized more effectively – Active AirClean filter
    • No need to stoop thanks to plus/minus foot controls
  • Warranty Info : 7 Year Warranty on the motor and 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • Made in Germany
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