Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum System

Carolina Forest Vacuum & Sewing sales ,service’s, installs and factory warranties all central vacuum systems we install making us the only full service central vacuum company on the Grand Strand. We don’t do plumbing, unclog drains or install lighting.

We sale and service install repair all major brand central vacuum systems including: Astro Vac, Beam Dust Care, Electrolux, Eureka, Kenmore, Hoover, Nutone, Air Vac, Vacu Maid, Vacuflow, Bags Filters accessories Tools piping wall plates Piping coupling hardware ext. Expert help with over 40 years serving the public. Call or Email Us for prices and more information on different brands and models pricing. We carry all major brands.

Why purchase a central vacuum system?

If you have allergies, central vacuums are much cleaner than portable vacuum cleaners. They don’t exhaust any dust or microscopic particles back into the room.

If you have wood, carpet or tile surfaces central vacuum systems provide more air flow than most portable vacuums thus they pick up much more dust and debris.Dry mop and electrostatic products fail to pick up 100% in fact they push a large amount of dust back into the air you breath.Most robot vacuums have no air flow or suction to speak of instead they work with just a rotating brush to sweep debris into a dust bin.

Your health, homes today are more air tight than ever before. Double pane glass better insulation all work in keeping dust inside your home along with pollens and dust mites.

Purchase one today!

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