Best Power Team Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2017/18

The best 2017/18 power team canister units are much the same as they have been in recent years. The model numbers and or unit names change but little else. Your needs in fact should determine which product is best for you along with build quality.The top names Miele,Riccar,Dyson,Electrolux,Panasonic, Hoover and Eureka have been around for years.

Most Americans have heard about Electrolux as they have been the leading American canister vacuum manufacture for many years. The situation in the last few years became a little confusing with the Electrolux Sweden company and the Electrolux Aerus , formerly Electrolux Corp. USA. Electrolux Sweden formerly owned the Eureka Brand name and marketed that line of vacuums in the USA in retail store locations while the Electrolux USA /Aerus sold their line of machines door to door and in some service centers.

The big box store Lux isn’t of the same build quality as the Areus product nor is it the same price. The  Aerus platinum  is a extremely well built product that should provide 15-25 years of service in fact it comes with a 10 year warranty. This 21-pound bagged canister from Aerus has an easy-to-reach power button, full-bag indicator, HEPA filtration, suction control, brush on/off switch, and a 20-foot, retractable cord. Product features HEPA bags as well as final HEPA filter.


Brush on/off  Important to stop brush on non carpet surface
Easy on/off  touch toe on machine and handle controls
Manual-pile adjust 
Suction control important on carpet,hard surface flooring,small throw rugs,curtains 
Retractable cord I like it beats wrapping cord.
Full-bag/bin indicator Need to know to change full bag
High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter  best filtration clean air to breath helps allergys
Folds for storage 


Weight (lbs.) 
Cord length (ft) 
Extremely high air flow motor large suction fans rates best in class
Great dust capture double HEPA
Best low end value, big winner with the power nozzle which is the best in class. The power nozzle is key when cleaning carpets. This vacuum provides good suction/airflow and is a lower grade cyclonic system. The automatic cord winder is a big plus on the machine as well.  Brush on off feature for different surfaces, suction control. Telescopic Wand Uphostery Brush Dusting Brush Crevice Tool Combination Carpet/Floor Nozzle provides all the tools you need. Storage of tools on handle/hose is different from most and limits the size of the tools. Dirt cup saves on bags but forces operator in to cleaning filters and cyclones of vacuum and you still have filter replacement cost. 5YR WARRANTY
Is one of our Best Buys as it delivers big time performance with its German cyclonic motor system and top notch carpet cleaning with its German wessel Verks power nozzle
It is capable of handling low, medium, deep pile and soft/plush carpet as well as bare floors, and it is even good at pulling up pet hair.
Best for…Hard Floors & All Carpet
Pet Hair FeaturesNo
Approx. WeightApprox 19-20 lbs (with all accessories)
HEPA Level FiltrationYes
Power Cord Length24 feet
Motor Driven BrushbarYes
Warranty1 Year P&L, 7 Years motor/housing

Many vacuums, especially those without height controls, will struggle to move through soft carpet.  In addition, an aggressive brushroll can actually damage delicate carpet fibers.  As a result, we are starting to see some newer vacuum cleaners designated as capable on soft carpet – they typically have manual height controls (and sometimes larger wheels) and brushroll on/off controls or brushroll speed controls.

– Very quiet
– Good on normal carpet, bare floors, and even pet hair
– Able to clean soft carpet
– Strong suction
– Motor driven brushroll in cleaner head
– Variable suction controls
– HEPA filter
– Quality construction (made in Germany)

Two Cleaner Heads
Miele ElectrobrushThe vacuum comes with 2 different cleaner heads – one for carpet and one for bare floors.  The carpet cleaner head is the SEB 228 SoftCarpet Electrobrush.  This has a motor driven brushrolland a 14 inch wide cleaning path (fairly wide). Miele states that the tool is designed for medium, high-pile and plush carpet, however we have also heard it does a respectable job on low pile carpet.  It is reasonably maneuverable given the swivel neck but is a bit hefty at about 6 lbs.

The key to the SoftCarpet Electrobrush is the multiple height settings – 5 to be exact


Miele Parquet Floor TwisterThere are actually two types of SEB 228 Electrobrushes – one standard model and one SoftCarpet model.  The SEB 228 SoftCarpet Electrobrush has a less aggressive brushroll than the standard SEB 228 Electrobrush.  This less aggressive brushroll better accommodates soft carpets.  The brushroll in the cleaner head can also be turned on and off.
The second cleaner head, the SBB 300-3 Smooth Floor Brush (right), is designed for bare surfaces.  It has a 12.5 inch wide cleaning path and a swivel neck for full 180 degrees of maneuverability.  It has intermittent sections of bristles which help it glide across the floor.  Owners report that it is an excellent tool for hardwood floors and other hard surfaces.

3 tools are provided:
– Upholstery tool
– Crevice tool
– Dusting brush

These click-fit onto the end of the telescopic stainless-steel wand or the vacuum handle.  All are conveniently stored in the on-board, covered accessory/tool area built into the canister.

Cleaning Reach
Cleaning reach on this vacuum is reasonable at 36 feet.  It isn’t as long as some other canister vacuums we have seen like the SEBO Airbelt D4 which has 52 feet of cleaning reach, but it is sufficient.   It is longer than several other Miele canisters like some of the C2’s and C1’s.  A long cleaning reach is nice as it limits the amount of times one has to unplug and replug the vacuum when cleaning.  Also, if long enough, it can allow you to access an area with few (or no) power outlets.  Cleaning reach includes the length of the power cord, the wand and the hose.  The Miele C3 Soft Carpet has a 24 foot power cord with an automatic cord rewind feature that pulls in the cord at the tap of the foot.

Miele C3 On-board Tools Tool storage compartment is the BEST in Class,in addtion there is a handy slide that allows you to park the hard wood floor tool on the main canister so you always have it with you as you move around your home. 7 year Warranty

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