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Best Power Team Canister Vacuum Cleaner 2018/19

The best 2018/19 power team canister units are much the same as they have been in recent years. The model numbers and or unit names change but little else. Your needs in fact should determine which product is best for you along with build quality.The top names Miele,Riccar,Dyson,Electrolux,Panasonic, Hoover and Eureka have been around for

Sanitaire 887B Diagram

Sanitaire Upright Model: SC887B-3 Most popular:  Belt – Drive (Style Rd) 30563B  Disturbulator Assembly 53270  01. Dirt Cup 01959-313N  02. Flange – Bag (Outer) 14765-1  03. Dirt Cup Assembly 14844-12  04. Clamp 26266-2  05. Gasket 38289  06. Bag Assembly – Packaged 54422-10  07. Pin Cover 55399-1  xx. Support & Latch Assembly – Pk 54561-1  xx. Hardware Package – Dirt Cup 57838B-1 nla  xx. Gasket – Dirtcup 58223  01.

Brother Sewing Embroidery Quilting Machines

Shop a huge inventory of Brother Embroidery, Quilting Sewing Machines. Versatility and ease of switchover are critical when it comes to combination machines.  Brother™ makes sewing and embroidery combo machines that deliver on both promises. Carolina Forest Vacuum & Sewing offers a large selection of these machines combined with sewing classes with in store machine service

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